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Hermandad Mexicana is the oldest nonprofit community-based membership organization that addresses the needs of the Spanish-speaking Mexican, Mexican American and Latino immigrants in the United States. The mission of the organization is to DEFEND AND ADVOCATE FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE SPANISH/INDIGENOUS-SPEAKINGMEXICAN AND LATINO IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR FAMILIES AND SEEK THEIR FULL INTEGRATION INTO THE MAINSTREAM OF THE AMERICAN LIFE AS EQUALS.  This is not a simple Task.

The organization was founded in 1951 in the city of San Diego, California by Mexican native-born, migrant, and immigrant workers due to the discrimination and racism encountered by the Mexican and Latino population during that era.  The organization has evolved and amended its name on several occasions, but its mission has essentially remained intact due to the continued existence of adverse labor and living conditions faced by our communities.

The organization has created a new model of operation that has permitted it to enjoy complete financial independence, which has allowed it to be free from outside interference and dependence on government and/or corporate resources for its survival and further development. In the other words, the organization has developed a model of operation that depends exclusively on the members that it serves premised on quality member/customer service, aggressive advocacy, reasonably priced services, and constant member feedback and positive criticism.

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