En el Día de la Madre, 10 mamás en huelga de hambre

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Mothers to Participate in Fast Against Negligent Treatment of Students at Moffett Elementary School at Lennox School District

Lennox, CA | Ten mothers of students in the Lennox School District will fast in front of Moffett Elementary School on Mother’s Day to protest and call attention to what they perceive to be multiple educational rights violations, incidents of student neglect, and retaliation by the school’s administration towards outspoken parents whose only demand is transparency and parental input in the districts educational process.

Their goal is for their children to receive the best education in a safe and healthy environment – something they feel the district is not providing. The Parents call for a criminal and California Department of Education investigation into the conduct of Moffett School Officials. For too long, officials at the Lennox School District, including school officials at Moffett Elementary, have created a hostile environment for parents demanding greater accountability and transparency.

Some issues arising from disputes include putting children out on the street, having non-credentialed teachers teaching special education, a cover-up of children getting injured on premises, abuse of special education students in the classroom, and deliberate and dereliction of duties on the part of the district to act. At the fast, each mother protesting will be representing additional grievances against the district and the school board.

They include:

1. Corruption

2. Political Favoritism

3. Professional ineptitude

4. Transparency

5. Ineptitude

6. Parental Exclusion

7. Due Process

8. Psychological Abuse

9. Retaliation

10. Freedom of information


When: Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 7:30AM

Where: Moffett Elementary School, 11050 Larch Avenue, Lennox, CA 90304

Who: Alianza de Padres Independientes, parents, students and community organizers Visuals: Posters, parents fasting, students