Councilmember Cedillo keeps his promise to community

Submitted by hermandadmex on May 15, 2017

Gil Cedillo reelection campaign

Councilmember Cedillo keeps his promise to community. The Recreation and Parks Commission unanimously approved the purchase of a final parcel that will complete the land acquisition necessary to complete the park. We are now ready to open escrow. Stay tuned for a fall 2017 groundbreaking.

Ellis Act Amendments to RSO Approved

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Councilmember Cedillo has worked with HCID since he took office in 2013 to eliminate loopholes and strengthen tenant protections and due process, establish fairness, and preserve the City's RSO units.  On Tuesday, Ellis Act reforms to the City's Rent Stabilization Ordinance were unanimously adopted by City Council. In addition, council adopted the housing committee's recommendations directing the Planning Department to report back with recommendations for addressing the land use regulations and processes relating to Ellis Act demolitions and clearances, and requesting the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance amending the RSO to mirror the state's Ellis Act provisions and to recommend remedies to address Ellis Act abuses by landlords.

These are huge victories for tenants in Los Angeles. #HouseLA

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